Yandex.Disk for MacOS X Description

Yandex.Disk is an online storage service similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, designed so you can save in it all the content that you want, for free, and from any device that's connected to the Internet, so you can share your images, music, movies, and documents with your family and friends.

Yandex.Disk offers 3 gigabytes of free space, which can be extended to 10 gigabytes if you install the desktop client, share the first file, and invite your friends to join the service on social networks. Besides, if you have an account in Yandex Mail, you can sync your attached files and share the link.

The files you save on Yandex.Disk aren't lost if you lose your phone or if your computer breaks down, so it's a great way to avoid any problems caused by hard drive issues. Thanks to the amount of space it has, you can save all of your pictures and most important documents.

Since you can access Yandex.Disk from any device, you can also access all your files, no matter where you are.

A feature that stands out in this service is that when you share files, you can control who has access to your folders and their contents.

How does it work? Simple, once you create an account on Yandex.Disk, you just have to insert your username and password, and a Yandex folder will appear on your desktop so you can drag and drop there any files you want to save and share, exactly like a normal folder, except this one syncs automatically on the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I download the latest version of Yandex.Disk for Mac OS?
  • We recommend to download the latest version of Yandex.Disk because it has the most recent updates, which improves the quality of program.

  • How much does it cost to download Yandex.Disk?
  • Nothing! Download Yandex.Disk free from

  • How do I access the free Yandex.Disk download for PC?
  • It's easy! Just click the free Yandex.Disk download button at the top left of the page. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Yandex.Disk free for Mac.

  • Will this Yandex.Disk download work on Mac OS?
  • Yes! The free Yandex.Disk Download for Computers works on Mac OS X operating systems.

How to uninstall Yandex.Disk?

How do I uninstall Yandex.Disk in Mac OS

  • Click "Applications" in the sidebar
  • Control-clicking or right-clicking the "Yandex.Disk" application icon, and selecting "Move to Trash."
  • Uninstallation complete!