Simutrans for MacOS X Description

Simutrans is an open-source and multiplatform game based on the classic Transport Tycoon, which lets you create a passenger and cargo transport system over land, water, and air on a randomly generated map filled with towns with real names.

Buses, trucks, trains, ships, and planes are the main transport systems in Simutrans. You not only have to build the necessary infrastructure to make them work (roads, bridges, tracks), but also maintain the vehicles, place the stations correctly, connect industries together, etc.

Each transport system has different vehicle models. You have to acquire the right one for the activity you want to carry out (for instance, you need a specialized vehicle to transport wood). There are 40 types of factories in Simutrans, and 35 available types of primary resources. Take care of your economy, as that's the only way to expand your transport company.

Simutrans has different graphics packages that you can download from the program's website. They are required to open the game. Here are some of them:

-pak64, the official basic Simutrans package.

-pakGerman, German-style buildings.

-pakJapan, Japanese-style architecture.

-pak128, 128x128 pixels graphics, instead of the 64x64 graphics in the basic package.

-pak96.comic, graphics with a comic-book style.

You'll need to download at least one graphics package and copy it to the folder that contains the game's executable file. The Simutrans version in the private downloads section includes the pak64 graphics package.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I download the latest version of Simutrans for Mac OS?
  • We recommend to download the latest version of Simutrans because it has the most recent updates, which improves the quality of program.

  • How much does it cost to download Simutrans?
  • Nothing! Download Simutrans free from

  • How do I access the free Simutrans download for PC?
  • It's easy! Just click the free Simutrans download button at the top left of the page. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Simutrans free for Mac.

  • Will this Simutrans download work on Mac OS?
  • Yes! The free Simutrans Download for Computers works on Mac OS X operating systems.

How to uninstall Simutrans?

How do I uninstall Simutrans in Mac OS

  • Click "Applications" in the sidebar
  • Control-clicking or right-clicking the "Simutrans" application icon, and selecting "Move to Trash."
  • Uninstallation complete!